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The Private Broadcasting Fund

The Private Broadcasting Fund serves to promote private commercial broadcasters and is set up at the Media Division of the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR Media) in the KommAustria Act (KOG). It has an annual budget of €20 million.

It provides funding for content (programmes and programme categories), training and studies.

Funding decisions are made by RTR's Managing Director Oliver Stribl after consultation of the Review Board and in accordance with the law and the guidelines.

Funding objectives

  •  Ensure and expand a varied, innovative and high-quality range of programmes in the coverage areas
  •  Stimulate the creative scene
  •  Contribute to promoting Austrian culture, cultural diversity, Austrian and European awareness, and the information and education of the population
  •  Ensure competitiveness in view of digitisation and the increasingly globalised prevailing media market at the regional, national and European levels

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Private Broadcasting Fund
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